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1. What is MH Containment™?

The trade name MH Containment was created in 2019 to give Mold Hold, Inc. a way to easily distinguish its other product offerings beyond the original MoldHold™ product.

2. What is MoldHold™?

MoldHold™ is an adhesive-coated tape designed to stick to wet surfaces like mold. Much like a contact paper, MoldHold™ comes in rolls and sheets. It is easily applied directly on top of the moldy surface – smothering the mold in place and preventing it from becoming airborne and inhaled. Put another way, it is source containment.

Our patented process replaces poly sheeting, duct tape, staples, and other, older methods that simply seal the edges and leave mold “pocketed” in the middle. Older methods are likely to catch mold but release it during drying and demolition.

MoldHold™ instantly secures the work area and makes demo efforts much simpler. Cut, fold, bag.

3. Do other MH Containment products like Asbestos Shield™ and ToxBloc Clear™ work the same way?

Yes, they do. In fact, they are identical products that simply serve different markets. Restoration professionals who are working on an asbestos job wouldn’t want to imply that the job was mold related by using MoldHold™, so they use the brand Asbestos Shield™ to prevent any misunderstanding. Likewise, in a sensitive public area, to prevent public apprehension, they might use ToxBloc Clear that has no printing on it.

4. Can MoldHold™ stick to wet surfaces?

Yes. MH Containment products are designed to stick to low energy surfaces – wet walls, slick asbestos, concrete block, and more.

5. Do MH Containment’s products kill mold?

No. MoldHold™ and our other products are a temporary first response for containing mold and other toxic substances that should not become airborne.

6. Will MoldHold™ prevent mold from recurring?

No. It prevents mold—on walls and other surfaces—from continuing to release into the air. It may stop mold from recurring if used as an abatement tool by potentially cutting mold off from moisture. Only effective remediation will stop recurrence.

7. Will MoldHold™ clean the air?

No. Only effect remediation efforts will do that.

8. Is MH Containment product toxic, or does it contain VOCs?

No, it does not.

9. Is MoldHold™ a long-term fix for a mold problem?

No, MoldHold™ is designed as a temporary source containment measure. For some, temporary is a few hours, for some a few days, and for others a few weeks or more. Your particular circumstance may determine how long temporary is for you.

10. Can using MH Containment products prevent my having to move out until the mold is taken cafe of?

It is distinctly possible that displacement will be much less likely. One of the largest costs of remediation is having to move to another location – even temporarily. Once the mold is contained and the air has been cleaned, the need to move will be lessened. Some estimates have shown the cost of remediation to be 25-40% lower.

11. Is MoldHold™ DIY?

Yes; MH Containment products are simple to use, much like applying contact paper. As the property owner, most communities allow for individuals to work on their own properties. Generally, no permits are required for containment. Check with your local authorities first. It is recommended that personal protection equipment be utilized in every instance. Consulting with professional restoration companies is always a good idea.

12. Have MH Containment products been tested?

Yes. Recent independent testing for asbestos containment confirmed that MH Containment products are nearly perfect at preventing toxins from being released. See articles related to these tests in the Downloads section of our website.

13. What is the shelf life for MoldHold™?

MoldHold™ is extremely stable. It is designed to have an extended shelf life of three years when kept at room temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. MoldHold™ can withstand significantly higher temperatures for shorter periods of time in hotter climates (back of work vehicles) and under colder temperatures too. MoldHold™ is light sensitive and not recommended for extended exterior use.

14. MH Containment products are very strong. Is there a way to release the glues?

Yes. D-Limonene citrus soy solvents can be effective in releasing MoldHold™ and Asbestos Shield™ products. Always test on a small, out-of-site area of a surface before applying MH Containment products to avoid permanent damage.

15. Will insurance cover MH Containment products?

Yes. Xactimate software does not have a specific category for our products yet, so it is necessary to use the “Misc” area of the program—then enter MoldHold™ Source Containment. For DIYers, check with your insurance agents.

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