Mold Hold, Inc. has become MH Containment

A Fresh Look for MoldHold

MoldHold is growing up.  Part of growing up is planning for the future – taking assessment of where you are; thinking where you want to be; and setting a course that will get you there.

Our diligence has brought about some very positive changes – beginning with our new name and logo – MH Containment.

MH Containment is the umbrella
company for product development and marketing.

Quinn’s my name.
My job is to inform you about
MH Containment.
Find Out More About Me HERE!

Coming Soon…

for containing asbestos

for sensitive public areas

Distinguishing the company from our patented MoldHold products will make it easier to introduce new brands / products (AsbestoShield, ClearView).

Since Christine & Scot LaVelle developed and introduced MoldHold in 2010, they have been the face of the company.  MH Containment changes that with the development and introduction of our new spokesman, an endearing “tech” named Quinn.  Created to embody the best qualities of actual remediation professionals.  Quinn’s job is to share Christine & Scot’s vision.  Please be sure to read the back story of Quinn.  Visit Quinn Here!

Changes to our website will included quality education and indoor air quality to professionals and average person who may be experiencing contamination problem.  In the near future, Quinn will develop a network of top industry professionals to address questions from visitors to MH Containment.

Our product offerings like the IAQ First Response Kit and AsbestoShield will take center stage too.  Expect Quinn advertising campaigns to address important markets like military housing, business and home issues, and new products.

And, if you haven’t checked out our store lately, when you do you will be pleasantly surprised at our lower prices!  View Store Here!

– Our flagship product –

for covering mold

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Be prepared with a MH Indoor Air Quality First Response Kit
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Here at MH Containment – We’ve got you covered!

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