Who Is Quinn

In December 2018 MH Containment hired renowed artist Noah Stokes to develop Quinn.  The idea was to have this caricature be the new face of our company.

Quinn aspires to showcase qualities of great remediation professionals – honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness, humility and industry knowledge.

Quinn epitomizes the “working man” with a kind face.

Quinn was the kindest, most down-to-earth man we ever knew – CL Quinn.

This is a tribute to the man our family called “Daddy” and “Granddaddy” – who went home January 2019.

Quinn – His Story

CL was born in Calhoun Georgia and lived there most of his life except when he spent time in the Navy.  Married 62 years to Viola Cantrell, they had four daughters – Terri, Christine, Gina, and Sherry.

This is the man we loved.  We hope you’ll like Quinn – MH Tech too.

The LST, Navy Reunion at CL & Vi’s Home

Serving on the LST 883 from 1950-1954 (Korean War), CL felt a special bond to the Navy and his shipmates.

For 36 years, CL helped build airplanes like the massive C-5 and the C130 for Lockheed Aircraft.

Quinn Family Touring Lockheed Aircraft, CL Quinn

CL was a cattle farmer, who only bought “good cows”.  He enjoyed farming, gardening, and sharing the harvest.

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