The MoldHold Product

MoldHold™ is a specially designed, patent pending product that quickly and effectively contains mold where it grows with minimal disturbance!

mh tradeMoldHold™ is a first response, rapid response “sticky tape” that adheres to wet surfaces and prevents spores from becoming airborne. Quickly encapsulating mold can pay big dividends health-wise and financially. The faster you contain mold, the less it costs you. When you delay, you really pay!

MoldHold™ should be your first response, rapid response to mold is because it is uniquely designed to stick to wet surfaces and to keep mold from becoming airborne. Since only airborne mold can get in your lungs, in your furniture, on your clothes, and in your HVAC systems, using MoldHold™ means you control the mold, it doesn’t control you.

Some products have been rigged to work – tape and plastic; tape and shrink wrap; and even poly carpet protectors – yet none of them will stick to a wet surface and will trap mold. They only create a pocket of spores that are much more likely to be breached while remediating. Too, they require at least two people to apply them. MoldHold’s™ glues and heavy barriers make it impossible for mold to breakout and can be applied with just one person.

MoldHold™ is often compared to other products that clean, kill and are used to remove mold. We don’t do that. MoldHold™ is not designed to clean, kill or remove. That is a later part of the process and can be done with many other really good products.


“Our mission is to keep mold from getting in the air to protect the health and property of others”
– MoldHold
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