August 27, 2016

MoldHold Is Your First Response to Mold Problems after Louisiana Flooding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MoldHold Is Your First Response to Mold Problems after Louisiana Flooding LOUISIANA, August 27th, 2016 As homes, businesses, schools, churches, and government buildings are recovering from massive water damage due to flooding in Louisiana, workers will come across disaster relief problems. Negative health effects resulting from airborne mold, asbestos and silica can be prevented by use of effective source containment.   Source containment – […]
June 11, 2016

What Makes MoldHold SPECIAL…

Mold is always wet.  Only MoldHold sticks to wet surfaces – instantly.  So it makes the site safer for  you, your family and the workers who remediate. Using MoldHold gives you time to plan an effective remediation and possibly avoid costly displacement. MoldHold has no unsafe contents.
June 11, 2016

Be A First Responder…

If you are the first person to recognize mold is the source of someone’s suffering, then you may be a first responder. In just a few minutes,  you can apply MoldHold and secure the site – until a quality remediation can be planned and implemented. Those with high sensitivity to mold; allergies to mold; and compromised immune systems, especially the elderly and infants, will breathe easier because […]
June 11, 2016

Be Prepared For Mold…

Smoke detectors; fire extinguishers; first aid kits; along with spare tires & jacks are some of the many items we keep “just in case.” MoldHold should be added to this list of “just in case” items because … family health is important insurers limit mold coverage rapid response lowers costs source containment can lower risk of law suits displacement costs are less you protect your property Visit […]
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